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How badly do you sleep?

Do you sleep with your arm under your pillow, leg hanging out the side, flat on your front, with your neck twisted through at a 90 degree angle? Do you have to sleep sat up to get comfy? Is your sleep a nightmare for your body?

Hands up if this is you!

Do you struggle to find the right pillow for you? Have you spent hundreds on weird shapes and compositions of pillows? Have you ever considered it could be the position you sleep in and a passive product that makes it worse?

The Dreamer

Studies have shown that the optimum lying position for resting your spine is the semi-foetal position. With a supportive mattress and pillow, this allows your head, neck spine and hips to be in neutral alignment with no twists or bends.

Tip: If you place an old pillow or blanket between your knees and ankles this aids hip alignment and also stops you rolling out of the stacked leg position.

We don’t promise a perfect night’s sleep, because no one can really promise that. If you have a bad day at work, an argument before bed or your bedroom is really hot, you are probably not going to sleep that well.

We can, however, share some hints and tips for a better sleep that we’ve picked up along the way. Our main tip, of course, is upgrading your pillow and mattress to Levitex in order to get the best sleep posture possible.

We’d recommend considering the following external factors:

Our top 10 tips for a better night’s sleep