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Sleep Wellbeing Package


Give the gift of optimised sleep posture and treat someone (or yourself) to better sleep quality.

Our Sleep Wellbeing Package includes:

  • a 30-minute bespoke online sleep consultation with Levitex founder and Sleep Posture Expert, James Leinhardt.
  • a Levitex pillow, with the size prescribed by James following your consultation

The consultation will include a comprehensive analysis of the receiver’s current sleep habits and how these might be impacting you, advice on improving sleep including positioning, and a Levitex pillow size prescription. The receiver of the bundle will then be shipped a Levitex pillow in the prescribed size, ensuring the size of pillow will suit their needs.

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Before launching Levitex, James Leinhardt spent 10+ years working in healthcare helping critically injured, chronically ill, and infirm patients. During this time, he spotted a key gap in the way we think about recovery, in that there is no consideration for our sleep positioning and posture at night.

So, with the help of Dr Ilan Lieberman and a few very talented engineers, he formed Levitex, with a mission to educate others on the importance of sleep posture.

Since starting the Levitex journey, James has delivered a host of personal sleep consultations and as a result has improved the sleep quality of 80+ Team GB Olympians, countless NHS workers, clinicians, Gabby and Kenny Logan and even the legendary radio DJ, Jo Whiley.

And now he’s available to improve yours (or a loved one’s) sleep quality too.

Additional information


We will send you the package voucher within 24h of you placing the order. The voucher is printable or can be forwarded on to the recipient virtually.

Redeeming the package

Please note, the redemption instructions will be included on the voucher too.

The receiver is to contact us at their convenience.


The package voucher is valid for 12 months from purchase date.

Exchanges and refunds

The package voucher is not exchangeable for cash and can't be returned nor refunded, however, we are happy to exchange any pillow sent out to voucher recipients in line with our regular exchange period (44 days from receiving the item).

Countries covered

This bundle is suitable for recipients in any country, except for the USA. The USA bundle is available via our US website, levitexsleep.com.

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