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Your resource for all things Levitex. For further PR enquiries, please get in touch with us at levitex@nobraineragency.co.uk

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Pretty isn’t it, please don’t mess with it

About Levitex: Levitex is a pillow and mattress brand on a mission to teach the world about the importance of sleep posture and give people the tools to improve theirs.

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Our Posture Expert – James Leinhardt CEO

James Leinhardt biography: James Leinhardt is a Sleep Posture Expert and the founder of Levitex, with a wealth of knowledge in nighttime positioning in healthcare. James has designed class-one medical devices to manage the posture for clients suffering with complex neurological illness and injury.

Most recently, he developed a Conscious Patient Proning Kit and Guide, in partnership with the Intensive Care Unit at Lancs Teaching Hospital and University of Central Lancashire.

He works with NHS Trusts and local authorities, all the way through to professional sports clubs and large multinationals, in line with his mission to educate the world about the importance of sleep posture and giving people the tools to improve it.

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