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Levitex® Foam Technology

Levitex® is a patented innovation in Foam Technology which presents commercial advantages across a broad spectrum of applications. Formulated through years of experience and research within the foam industry by James Leinhardt, this technology is set to revolutionise not only the domestic and medical sleep market but potentially the sports, footwear, and seating markets.

Currently, Levitex® presents a new sleep system which defies gravity and has been tested thoroughly through studies to improve, repair and rebalance significant injuries and medical conditions. Levitex® Foam Technology is the first of its kind to address the three common sleep problems – posture, pressure and proprioception.

Levitex® has achieved life-improving results in patients with acute debilitating conditions and has undergone an independent clinical trial by the Directorate of Occupational Therapy at The University of Salford (June 2018)

Its three unique characteristics however, have universal applications where comfort, support and relief are sought. Levitex® envisage applications as shown below.

Polyurethane foam used in pillows, mattresses and toppers in the UK have to satisfy very extreme fire retardancy testing in order to comply with BS5852, 7177 Crib 5, possibly the most stringent test method in the world. Our chemical engineer is working tirelessly on a formulation that uses graphite rather than the specialty chemicals that the UK foam industry is currently legislated to use.

If you are interested in developing a product using Levitex® Foam please get in touch.