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About Levitex

Welcome to the family of dreamers


Levitex is the brainchild of founder James Leinhardt, who has spent 10+ years helping the critically injured, the chronically ill, and the in-firm patients and has learnt a key fact.

Whether it comes to complex neurological patients, elite athletes, home office workers, and everyone in the middle, the impact of sleep quality, and specifically what we sleep on, can’t be underestimated.

So, James took the science that he learnt in healthcare and applied it to creating the optimum lying surface. One that considers not just comfort and pressure relief, but also support and posture. Something that’s almost a cheat to getting a good night’s sleep. He called it Levitex.

James leinhardt headshot

The brains behind Levitex

Levitex is James’ idea, but his isn’t the only brain responsible for your ache-free sleep – you’ve got our medical director, Dr Ilan, to help for that too.

james leinhardt headshot

Our founder and Chief Sleep Posture Expert, James Leinhardt, has a wealth of knowledge in nighttime postural care and has designed class-one medical devices to manage the posture for clients suffering with complex neurological illness and injury. He works with NHS trusts and social care throughout the UK and his nighttime system has reached clients as far as the Middle East and Australia. Working with client groups such as catastrophic brain injury, MS, Cerebral Palsy and Stroke survivors, James feels a social obligation and strong sense of purpose to care and improve the lives of patients in medical difficulty and the wider public.

You can also find him public speaking and on the TV (most recently on Channel4’s Steph’s Packed Lunch) to spread the message of the importance of sleep posture, or on TikTok, where his sleep positioning tips have amassed a loyal following.

James also guest lectures at Universities across the UK and US and is a Honorary Lecturer at the School of Sport and Health Sciences within the University of Central Lancashire. He is passionate about spreading the message of the importance of sleep posture as a clinical intervention to the next generations of nurses, occupational therapists and physiotherapists.

james leinhardt speaking at a conference
Ilan Lieberman headshot

Medical director, Dr Ilan Lieberman works as a Pain Medicine Consultant and Clinician with The University Hospitals of South Manchester (UHSM). Between 2004 and 2014 he was the Clinical Lead for the Pain Medicine Service in UHSM. In December 2013 he was appointed as the Director of UHSM Academy, the learning and development arm of UHSM. His areas of special interest include back pain management and interventions, chronic pain syndromes after surgery, trauma, injury or infection, complex regional pain syndrome, fibromyalgia, neuropathic pain, pain management in multiple sclerosis, refractory angina pain and whiplash.

A white woman with brown hair is seen smiling in professional attire

Louise Rogerson is our Allied Health Professional Lead. Louise is a Chartered Physiotherapist with over 25 years experience working in the fields of neurology and older people. Louise has worked in the NHS for much of her career as a clinician, service manager and latterly as a commissioner. Louise served on the national committee for the Association of Chartered Physiotherapists In Neurology for 10 years and has presented at the UK Chartered Society of Physiotherapy Conference. She has published research relating to stroke rehabilitation and health technology. Since 2003 she has been running her own Physiotherapy business treating patients in their own home and dealing with the realities of living life with movement difficulties. Louise is passionate about the benefit of physiotherapy and enabling people to achieve their movement goals.


We’re spreading the message of the importance of sleep posture – and the press are taking notice. Here are just some of the publications we’ve been featured in…

Our founder and Chief Sleep Posture Expert, James, has also appeared on a number of podcasts, including…


The way you sleep shouldn’t be harming the planet. Here’s what we are doing.

green sustainability icons

1. Green Office

Levitex HQ is 100% climate positive – this includes all of our staff, as well as main subcontractors.

2. Levitex pillows are climate positive

For every Levitex pillow manufactured and sold from July 2021, we will offset their carbon emissions by supporting the critical growth of forests and rainforests around the world. Our pillows’ carbon emissions were calculated by Play It Green, using the full supply chain and product lifecycle.

Each pillow you buy equals to two trees planted in areas with a critical need for reforestation, like Madagascar or Kenya. Additionally, we guarantee the quality of our pillows for 3 years – meaning minimised landfill waste due to a long product lifecycle.

3. Removing all plastic from packaging

We are working on it and nearly there.

The Levitex Family

Since starting this journey, we have been blessed to work with the best of the best: clinicians, academics, professional sport stars. We also have our amazing PR and Marketing partners, who have helped bring our vision to life.

Now that we have created the optimum lying surface, our mission is to make sure everyone knows how important posture is to our well-being.

We think of those of you who have helped us along the way, as well of those who have supported us by purchasing a pillow or a mattress, as family.

So, we commissioned this piece by local Manchester artist Gideon Conn. This is a tribute to everyone who has supported and believed in us so far: the Levitex family. From the researchers, through the early adopters and the sport stars who fell in love with our products, to you. Thank you.

levitex family drawing

Levitex are now a certified CPD provider. Our sleep wellbeing courses have been designed to support CPD and revalidation. Get in touch to discover what our courses can do for you, your staff and your team training.