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The winner of Tokyo: sleep posture

Levitex-supported athletes win 16 medals

Athletes put their bodies through the most immense of pressure and strain. So, it’s no wonder that they REALLY need to recover, and what better time to do it than when they’re already in bed, sleeping?

As the cardboard-bed-gate has shown, little consideration is given to sleep, aka something Olympians will have spent a third of their time in Tokyo doing, by the officials.

Yet over 80 Olympic athletes have decided to take the matters into their own hands, resulting in a total of 16 medals. How? They’ve realised their sleep can be optimised to improve performance.

Turning to Levitex for help earlier this year, the medal-hopefuls travelled to Japan with their own Levitex pillow, specially designed to support better sleep posture.

Optimising sleep posture is the single most meaningful thing you can do without doing much: from faster recovery for the muscles, through improved circulation and digestion, to increased core strength. All of this leads to improved overall performance and sleep quality, as the Olympians learnt (and couldn’t they’d never considered it before) from Levitex.

It paid off: Team GB stars took home two gold medals, four silver and ten bronze at this year’s games.

They included double medal-winning cyclist, Laura Kenny, track’s Jack Carlin, BMX cyclist, Kye Whyte and gymnast, Bryony Page.

Athletes working with Levitex finished above nations including Turkey, Greece and Ireland.

A host of top athletes and other sporting stars have already made the switch to Levitex pillows to boost their recovery and performance.

We’re really proud to be working alongside so many amazing Olympic athletes and helping them with their sleep posture during the run up to the Games.

There are lots of important factors that contribute to elite level sport performance and preparation, but sleep continues to be the missing piece of the puzzle for so many sportspeople that come to us.

In addition to the support for Olympians, the entire Team GB Paralympic squad have also been given Levitex pillows through a partnership with Dreams.