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Anti-Snore Pillow

Optimise your sleep posture and reduce snoring


Voted as the IndyBest Anti Snore Pillow

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Do you know what reduces snoring? Optimising sleep posture and sleeping on your side.

Do you know what the Levitex® pillow does? Helps optimise sleep posture and keep you on your side.

That’s not all, though. Here’s what good sleep posture can do for you:

Reduce your neck pain

Improve your digestion and circulation

Lessen tension in neck and shoulders

Increase your lung capacity

Boost your energy levels

Increase your core strength

Reduce your snoring

Sounding too good to be true? It is all thanks to the experience of our team.

With a founder who is a posture expert, a Pain Medicine Consultant and Clinician for a Medical Director, we were set up well to create a pillow that works for you as you sleep.

Pillows aren’t one-size-fits-all

Find your pillow size now

We are so sure of our products, we give you a 3 year warranty on the pillow, along with free UK delivery and returns.

Find your perfect size below and remember sleeping on your side is the best for your posture and reducing snoring (find out why here).

Small (8cm)

-for side sleepers below 5’ 2″
-for back sleepers below 6’ 2″
-for children



Medium (10cm)

-for side sleepers: 5’ 3″ to 5’ 8″
-for back sleepers 6′ 3″ and above



Large (12cm)

-for side sleepers 5’ 8″ – 6′ 2″ (if you have a large frame, go up a size)
-not suitable for back sleepers



Extra Large (14cm)

-for side sleepers over 6′ 3″ (if you have a particularly slim frame, go down a size)
-not suitable for back sleepers


Not sure of your size? Take this 1 minute sleep quiz now

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Why is our pillow so good for you?

Revolutionary Levitex Foam

There was nothing on the market that would take care of your posture as you rest. So, we created it, and by pure accident, we learnt it helps reduce snoring too.

Levitex foam is soft like traditional memory foam, but firm like a sprung mattress, all in one composition. At 25% compression (light squeeze) the softness takes all the pressure off your body. However, at 65% compression (firm squeeze), the firmness supports your body and maintains your posture.

Your ideal sleep starts at the head of the bed, on a pillow that actually supports your head. This enables perfect spine alignment, which is why you wake up feeling so good and rested. If you have never heard of good sleep posture before, you are about to become obsessed with its benefits.

graphic explaining firmness of posture pillow

Our pillow vs old pillow types

comparison of levitex vs other pillow types

“Our reviewers gave the pillow top marks in terms of comfort, restfulness and feel, waking up each morning without any shoulder or neck pain.

The form and design made side-sleeping a breeze all night, resulting in a low snore score every night.” – The Independent

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Levitex® Mattress

When you are ready to level up your sleep posture even further, we have got you covered. Our mattress is made with pure Levitex® foam, and available in four standard sizes.