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Supporting the fight against COVID-19

The past few weeks have been a strange time for all of us but the generosity, spirit and humanity that we are continuing to see throughout the UK has been truly humbling for all of us at Levitex.

Through it all, we have been working hard behind the scenes to see how we, as a company, can do our bit to help people in the current climate.

Our expertise is in postural management, night-time positioning, lying surfaces and contact surface pressure, so we feel that during this time, we have a duty to help with whatever we can, wherever we can.

Our Medical Director Dr Ilan Lieberman is tackling the virus head-on after re-joining ICU staff on the front line, so we have been in constant contact with him, checking to see if he is okay and how we can help. He is currently, and I am sure he won’t mind us saying, doing an amazing job along with everyone in the ICU at Wythenshawe Hospital.

From speaking to Ilan, we knew that there was an opportunity for us to put Levitex pillows to good use and help support critically ill COVID-19 patients.   

Pillows are playing an important role across the UK right now because patients that are struggling to breathe need to be put into the prone position, which is only achieved with the support of pillows. They help to position the patients in a way that promotes easier breathing whilst still considering pressure build up and stability for the patient.

We donated 40 Levitex pillows to Ilan and the team at Wythenshawe and after using the pillows for over a week, we are thrilled to report they are working well and the Clinical Director at Wythenshawe Hospital was extremely impressed with them.

One patient saw an improvement of oxygen saturation levels from less than 80 (dire straits) to plus 90 (within the normal measurement) in just five minutes of prone positioning, so we are thrilled that Levitex is able to support a stretched NHS with vital equipment at this time.

We are now engaging with other ICU teams in the Greater Manchester area and hope to donate more than 100 pillows to provide respite for other seriously ill patients across our local region.

It feels incredibly rewarding to be able to make a positive contribution to the battle against this horrible virus, and we’re continuing to do everything we can to help our local hospitals and NHS staff.

If you are working on the front line right now or know someone who is, please let them know about us to see if we can help. Whether it’s free video assessments, pillows or general advice on anything to do with patient posture or positioning, we want to help and do everything we can to help the nation get through this.

For more information, please contact: James@LevitexFoams.com