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Dr Tom Little – Coach review

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Dr Tom Little, PhD, MSc, BSc, SENr, ACSC

Dr Tom Little is a performance & nutrition specialist with over 20 years experience in elite professional sport. He has worked in the Premier League and has consulted for international football, rugby codes, cricket, triathletes & combat sports.

Tom is currently head of performance at Preston North End Football Club as well as running his own fitness and nutrition company – Colour-Fit.

After being introduced to Tom we encouraged him to take part in trialing a Levitex Mattress. Tom’s feedback was incredibly positive and led to us presenting Sleep for Sport to the PNE FC first team squad and coaches as part of Tom’s drive to increase his players performance and maximise their recovery.

“My Levitex Mattress is insanely good. Love it – sleeping so much better. Glad we had James come in to talk to the players about posture and sleep, and give them a chance to buy Levitex products to help their recovery.”

The Preston players bought into what we had to tell them and led to a number of their players purchasing mattresses and pillows. We are awaiting their feedback and experiences too.