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Major Bernie Broad – Athlete review


Bernie began his army career as a junior leader in 1982.  Joining the Grenadier Guards he saw service in Northern Ireland, Belize, The Falklands, Kosovo, Bosnia and Afghanistan.  As Regimental Sergeant Major he had the privilege to lead his Battalion on ceremonial duties, including Trooping the Colour on the Queen’s Official Birthday two years running.

In November 2009 while supplying outlying camps, the vehicle Bernie was travelling in hit an improvised explosive device blowing him out of the vehicle, injuring him severely. Four years of extensive surgery and rehabilitation before a period of time with the Personnel Recovery Unit prepared him for his new future. Bernie was medically discharged from the Army in 2014. To quote Bernie:  ‘I got blown up and retired from the army as a Major’. 

Three years ago Prince Harry set up the Invictus Games, the only international adaptive sport event for injured active duty personnel and veterans wounded in the service of their country. In September 2017 more than 500 men and women from 17 allied nations took part in 11 sports over eight days in Toronto, Canada. Bernie was elected to captain the 90 strong British team, giving him a new focus both physically and mentally, and the impetus to return to a full, active life.


On 29 November 2009 I was blown up whilst serving my country in Afghanistan.  Following numerous surgeries, I finally got clear of strong pain relief by May 2014.  Since that date I have always struggled to get a good night’s sleep due to never being able to get comfy and free from pain so constantly tossing and turning.

I have now tried the Levitex Foam mattress and my first thoughts were just how light it made me feel whilst I lay there on my back very novel for a 6-foot 6-inch Grenadier Guard who is far from being described as light!

I have been such a restless sleeper for the last 5 years and have few memories of my sleep pattern before my injury due to the amount of pain relief that I was taking. Once I knew that the mattress was on the way I was really looking forward to finding my Golden Fleece and getting a good night’s sleep for the first time in years.  For the first 2 weeks on the Levitex Mattress I found old habits die hard, as according to my wife I was still tossing and turning and being restless, but I was not actually waking up during the night.

Every night now the quality of my sleep is constantly improving, and I was never one to lie in of a morning, but I am now, what a bonus!  I wake up now totally refreshed and my aches and pains are starting to get less and less and the quality of my everyday life is so much better.  My wife has also noted a marked difference in my sleep patterns and she just loves it.


The only negative is when we go away there is no room in the car for my Levitex mattress.