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Posture Support

A message from our CEO, James.

Calling all Greater Manchester and Pennine Hospitals

We have donated Wythenshawe Hospital ICU with some Levitex pillows to help position Covid19 patients in prone whilst still considering pressure build up and stability for the patient. Thrilled to report the pillows are working really well and the Clinical director was extremely impressed with them.

A patient over the weekend saw an improvement of sat levels from 80-90 in just five minutes of prone positioning. Moving and handling remains a heavily labour intensive, complicated procedure, with turning the patients requiring seven staff and taking up to one hour to perform. We have sent one of our Hugga Slide sheets to see if that helps with the lateral turn (will post results when we receive them)

We have about 100 more pillows we can donate and deliver to any ICU in the Greater Manchester area with no charge. We moved all our Levitex and Posture Care stock to a secure and isolated location last week so that we can re-start delivering orders in a clean and safe environment.

Our teams have a range of expertise in postural management, night time positioning and a thorough understanding of lying surfaces and contact surface pressure. Our two companies are working as one during the crisis to offer NHS staff as much support as possible and if nothing else, that feels great!

Please get in touch if we can help with free video assessments, pillows or just for general advice on anything to do with patient posture or positioning.

An example of prone positioning using hospital pillows taken from “guidance for prone positioning in adult critical care.”