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Our topper now contains an inherent antimicrobial treatment we've called AM:PM – creating an environment where bacteria, mould and mildew cannot live.

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Clinically researched

You can find our clinical research on the Levitex Mattress Topper in the Journal of Wound Care, under doi:10.12968/jowc.2023.32.8.513 – 'Impact of a new clinical mattress solution on interface pressure and comfort during supine lying'.

Additional Information


Available in four standard UK sizes: single, double, king, and super king.

Suitable for

Medium, medium firm or firm mattresses only.


5cm deep


100% Levitex foam

Known allergens

Polyethylene glycol (PEGs)
Levitex® Foam does not contain Polyethylene glycol, commonly found in foams.

Levitex® Foam does not contain latex.

Optimising your sleep posture can help with:

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    Decreasing snoring

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    Reducing neck and back pain

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    Utilising lung capacity

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    Improving core strength

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    Boosting your energy levels

How does Levitex compare?

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More questions? Head to the FAQs page.

Is there anywhere I can try out the mattress topper?

We’d be happy to have you to try out the mattress topper at our Manchester HQ, at Rutherford (M15 6SZ). We’ll even make sure to stay quiet while you have a nap.

Email us to let us know you’re coming at hello@levitex.co.uk please, so we can make sure a team member is available to welcome you.

Is there a trial period on the topper?

Yes! You have 44 days to return the topper should you wish to do so. Mainland UK customers benefit from free returns as well, but non-UK customers are responsible for the cost of their own return.

Should it go underneath a sheet or do I sleep directly on the topper and wash the cover each week?

It's up to you, but as washing the cover can get quite tiresome we would opt for popping a sheet over it.

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Clinically researched Levitex foam

What is all the fuss really about?

We have developed our revolutionary foam with postural care specialists, pain medicine consultants, physios, and professional athletes. So, we could use a lot of fancy words to describe it. However, the truth of its main feature is very simple.

Levitex foam is soft like traditional memory foam, but firm like a sprung mattress, all in one composition. At 25% compression (light squeeze) the softness takes all the pressure off your body. However, at 65% compression (firm squeeze), the firmness supports your body and maintains your posture.

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Meet James: The Sleep Posture expert

“Optimising your sleep posture is the single biggest thing you can do to improve your sleep”

Find out more about our experise

Award winning sleep innovation

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Our new Levitex mattress has been a revelation. It took about a week to get fully use to it, but since then most of the aches and pains we had from our memory foam mattress have gone.

I only wish we had bought one sooner!!!

— Scott Pickavance, verified customer