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James Leinhardt – Sleep Posture Expert

“Optimising your sleep posture is the single biggest thing you can do to improve your sleep”

Sleep posture is the position of your body at night coupled with the sleep surface you lie on. Learn how to optimise it, and you’ll reap the benefits of waking up rested and free from aches.

outline of a man stretching

Wake up free from neck and back pain


Improve your digestion and circulation

outline of a man snoring

Reduce snoring

outline of a woman touching her neck in pain

Lessen tension in your neck and shoulders

outline of a woman running

Boost your energy levels and core strength

outline of a woman running

Boost your energy levels and core strength

You can reap all these benefits if you optimise your sleep posture. Let’s start now!

Which of the below sleeping positions are you?

We hate to break it to you: if you’re any of the above, your spine and neck are not thanking you. Let’s optimise your nighttime posture and get you to be friends again.

The ideal sleep posture is one that requires the least tension and achieves neutral spinal alignment. This is the easiest to accomplish while sleeping on your side, in a semi-foetal way, because this position applies the least pressure to your spine.

Become a Levitex Dreamer and optimise your sleep posture

Correct positioning at night is the secret to a great night’s sleep and a good, pain free, morning. You can achieve good sleep posture by becoming a Dreamer.

Here’s how:

Man lying on side with pillow between knees and ankles
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Transition to sleeping on your side (either one is fine – we recommend alternating)
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Select the right pillow height for you: not too high and not too low, but just perfect for your body shape and size
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Stick your old pillow between your knees and ankles. This will help your hips remain neutral and help you achieve the optimum sleep posture
Why is this the best sleeping position for good posture?
white pillow on a blue background

Select the right pillow height for you

Levitex pillows come in four heights to suit your body, and are designed to help with posture, pressure and proprioception.


Innovative foam technology that works as you sleep

We have developed a foam formulation that we call ‘the optimum surface for sleep’.

It supports your body as you rest, while optimising your sleep posture.

Levitex foam provides pressure relief for comfort and resistance for support. It fights your bad day time posture while you sleep.

Are you ready to optimise your sleep?

The Levitex® Pillow

Engineered, supportive, and tailored to fit your sleeping position in order to improve your natural sleep posture. Available in four sizes, to match you.


The Levitex® Mattress

Pressure relieving and posture improving. Available in four standard sizes and made from 100% Levitex Foam. Find out how Levitex differs from memory foam.


Who are we?

Posture Experts, on a mission to educate the world about the importance of nighttime posture and to give people the tools to improve it.

Our founder, James Leinhardt, has spent 10+ years helping the critically injured, the chronically ill, and the infirm patients. He spotted a key gap in the way we think about posture: there is no consideration for how to manage it at night.

James took his idea to Dr Ilan Lieberman, a Pain Medicine Consultant and Clinician, and that’s how Levitex was born.

Learn more about Levitex
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Why is good sleep posture important?

Sleeping correctly helps the muscles and ligaments in your body relax and heal. Good sleep posture happens when your back and neck are in neutral alignment.

By sleeping in the optimum, aligned position, you reduce the stress and pressure on your body. This allows you a more restful sleep, and an ache-free wake up.

Why is the Dreamer the best sleeping position for good posture?

The ideal sleep posture is one that requires the least tension and achieves neutral spinal alignment. This is the easiest to accomplish while sleeping on your side, in a semi-foetal way, because side sleeping applies the least pressure to your spine.

Do I have to sleep on my side for good sleep posture?

We know habits are hard to change. So, we refrain from trying to get everyone to sleep on their side – if you are a back sleeper, you can optimise your posture just as well with the right pillow. If you are a stomach sleeper, however, we would strongly encourage you to try side sleeping – your spine will thank you.

Is good sleep posture all that there is to a good night’s sleep?

Of course not – but our unique foam formulation takes care of a lot of the other ‘things’, not just posture, while you sleep.

Find out more about the components of good sleep

Who’s optimising their sleep posture with Levitex?

Just a selection of humans from all over the world who love waking up rested and pain free – from everyday people like us, to Olympians and professional yogis.


What is the best aid for posture?

The best aid for posture is sleeping on a surface that helps your posture as you rest, rather than making it worse. Chartered physiotherapist Rivka Goldblatt explains why Levitex pillows come in four sizes…

Should I see a doctor about my posture?

If your posture issues are still manageable, you should see a physiotherapist who will help you manage your posture.  However, in cases of serious posture issues, you may need to see a Pain Medicine Specialist. It is recommended that you proactively support your posture with a good sleeping surface.

A physiotherapist discusses her experience working with patient’s with neck and back pain issues caused by working from home…

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Is memory foam good for posture?

No, memory form remembers your sleeping position. This makes it impossible to improve your spinal alignment. Our CEO James explains more…

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