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Step 1: Find your pillow size

Much like shoes, pillows come in different sizes to suit your size and shape. If you wouldn't wear your partner's shoes or clothes, chances are that you shouldn't sleep on the same size of pillow.

Our sleep posture pillow comes in four depths, because pillows are NOT one-size-fits all.

So, let's find YOUR pillow size.

Step 2: Optimise your sleeping position

Now you know your pillow size, you can start working on this before it even arrives with you.

Good sleep posture at night is the secret to a great night’s sleep. It's just how grandma told you to sit at the dinner table, but in bed. You can achieve good sleep posture by becoming a Dreamer (or an optimised back sleeper as an alternative).

Here’s how:

illustration of a woman sleeping on her side, the before is her with bad posture and the after is her with good posture
  1. Transition to sleeping on your side (either one is fine – we recommend alternating).
  2. Select the right pillow height for you (you've done this already, woohoo!)
  3. Stick your old pillow between your knees and ankles. This will help your hips remain neutral and help you achieve the optimum sleep posture

Back sleeper? Great! Just pop an old pillow under your knees and you're good to go.

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man lying in bed on a fibre pillow
man lying in bed on his side on a levitex pillow