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Improving Rugby League star Josh Charnley’s sleep

Warrington Wolves player Josh Charnley is a sugar addict who used to sleep terribly. As soon as the first lockdown hit, Charnley had to learn how to keep match fit. Here’s how he did it

Josh Charnley, who plays for Warrington Wolves, had only played seven weeks of the rugby league season before he had to agree to furlough as the pandemic hit last March. “We got told to stay away from work. Stay fit, stay healthy and then we’ll get the green light when we could go back to training.”


“I spoke to someone about how I slept, because, every morning, I don’t know if it’s because of the job I’m in, but I’d wake up and my back would be in bits. He asked how I was sleeping, so I told him I sleep on my front and my right knee’s is up. He said, ‘That is the worst position you can sleep in.’ So they sent me this Levitex pillow. I’m a cuddler, I like to cuddle my pillow, and after three months with this one my back was no issue at all.

“It’s the bee’s knees and I’ve been telling all the lads about it. My mate’s mum’s been and bought one and she messaged me the other week saying that she can’t get enough of it, she just wants to go to bed early.”

Via GQ

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