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A mum’s review of Levitex sleep posture pillow

Busy mums can feel rested…

The day in the life of mum is jam packed! So it’s no surprise that afterwards getting a good night’s sleep is very much welcomed. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to achieve a comfortable, good quality sleep that helped you wake up ache free, ready to start all over again.

Well, Gracey Blossom at UK Mum Life video diaries about motherhood and life in between, and feeling rested for the day ahead is something that’s key to her success. 

We were fortunate at Levitex that we could help Gracey understand how improving her nighttime posture could help with all those niggling stiff and achy joints. Now sleeping more aligned with the ability to fight her daytime postures, UK Mum Life is benefiting from a much needed better quality of sleep.

Levitex pillows come in four depths to accommodate different body sizes. We kitted out Gracey with a medium sized pillow that was perfect for her 5’3” frame.

“Since switching to my Levitex pillow, I can literally lie my head straight down each night and it’s the perfect height to support my head and neck while i rest”

Levitex was delighted to be featured on UK Mum Life, with Gracey trying out our sleep posture pillow. She really gives an in-depth and honest view of the products she uses. And it was great news for us to hear that since using her Levitex pillow, she wakes up more rested and pain free.

Check out the full review below! Or click here to watch on YouTube.