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YouTuber Shiatsu Shane – ASMR Massage reviews the Levitex Pillow

Fight your daytime posture…

We’re all very aware of our daytime postures and how they can be contributing to aches and pains. Many of us regularly visit physios and chiropractors to get some relief and understand how to improve our daytime postures.

However, a large contributor to these problems is actually poor nighttime posture.

So we were really excited when Shane of Shiatsu Shane – ASMR Massage, who deals with lots of clients with aches and pains, recently addressed this issue on his YouTube channel.

Shane is an authority on fighting daytime postures and alleviating tension and strains in the body. He explains that

“it’s bad enough that our posture takes a hammering during the day – we don’t need to do it at night too with using poor pillows.”

Luckily for us, Shane loved our Levitex pillow and the way the personalised sizing helped keep his head aligned and spine in a safe, neutral position. The perfect companion to fight your daytime postures.

Check out the full review below! Or click here to watch on YouTube.