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The Kama Sleeptra: are these positions the secret to a happy marriage?

  • The secret to a happy marriage is a ‘position’ that you and your partner may not have tried
  • The position we sleep in is more important than how many hours sleep we get
  • Making sure you and you partner are sleeping in the correct position can improve your compatibility as a couple, individual happiness and wellbeing

Let’s face it, we’re all aware that a poor night’s sleep can have a ripple effect on numerous aspects of our daily life, hindering our ability to be the optimal versions of ourselves both personally and interpersonally.

In fact, a staggering 88% of the population admits to experiencing negative side effects because of inadequate sleep. Among those aged 35 to 44 in the UK, over 14% report a significant decrease in libido after a restless night, and more than 25% note disturbances caused by their partner’s sleep patterns.

It begs the question – what is it that the nation is doing wrong?

One key issue that we have as a nation is that we are viewing ‘a good night’s sleep’ in the wrong way. It isn’t about getting the magic ‘8 hours’ because, almost half of the nation has said that they get 6 hours of sleep or LESS a night. So, let’s stop setting ourselves unrealistic expectations to live up to and instead, let’s focus on what really matters – our sleep quality.

Why should your sleeping position take priority in the bedroom?

Research has proven that as much as we understand how important it is to have intimacy with your partner, it is important to recognise that inadequate and uncomfortable sleep can impact this aspect.

However, not only does tiredness reduce the more intimate side of your relationship but lack of sleep can also affect your own mental state with nearly 45% saying that they struggle to sleep due to stress or anxiety

Not only for your relationships, but we also believe that looking after your own mental health is number one priority and starting with improving the quality of your sleep is the first step to take.

Levitex has invested substantial efforts in researching why optimising sleep posture constitutes one of the most critical measures for improving sleep quality:

benefits of sleep posture

The number one position:

The number one position that works best for couple is the classic spooning position.

Why is spooning good for your posture?

Spooning means you can both lie in an optimised sleeping position, which will help with a better-quality night’s sleep, without abusing your spine – not to mention the rush of endorphins and chemical hormones it releases to your brain

What are some of the positives of spooning?

  • Number one (and the most important reason) – it is good for your posture
  • Releases Serotonin and Oxytocin, the ‘feel good
  • Helps to regulate your bodies temperature
  • Improves intimacy
  • Comfort
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Making sure you are in the right spooning position:

guidance for side sleeping

What two other positions can you try if you are not a fan of spooning?

If you are the type of couple that don’t want to cuddle and like your own space in the evening, we’ve prepared two other options that leave you with a bit more personal space.

Check if you are sleeping on the right surface

Did you know that only 85% of the nation are aware of their sleep surface? When you get into bed, do you roll into your partner? If the answer is yes, then it’s time for a new mattress.

If you lie on a soft and unstable mattress, you’re not addressing motion isolation. On a soft surface, every movement that your partner makes will be felt and inevitably cause a restless night for you both.

“In order to stop this, the mattress you choose should be stable, soft, and conforming, where you can both lie comfortably without feeling the other person move. All mattresses will claim to ‘fix’ your aches and pains but buzzwords such as orthopaedic, therapeutic, and cooling technology are often a myth.

The ultimate conclusion:

In the grand scheme, the significance of sleep quality and the sleep position you adopt far surpasses other pleasurable “positions” confined to the bedroom. This is because, in the absence of good quality sleep, the outcomes on your individual happiness and mental well-being are important. These aspects are key contributors to a successful, healthy, intimate relationship.