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Your pillow size matters

It’s true, we at Levitex passionately care about the position you go to sleep in. We’re strong advocates of striving for the optimal sleep posture and achieving a good posture at night.

However, we’re just as focused on the surface you lie on, as this will also affect your sleep posture and ultimately your quality of sleep.

The purpose of the pillow

The main goal of a pillow is to support your head and neck in good posture as you sleep. There are many different pillows on the market that claim to do this:

  • Memory
  • Feather
  • Fibre
  • Ergonomic

Different ones may offer more stability or comfort, pressure relief or be unaffected by temperature. But despite having all these attributes, many people are still waking with aches and pains through their neck and shoulders – so why?

Well, a pillow should not be considered as universal in how it functions. By this we mean there is no one-size-fits all pillow.

How tall you are and the way you sleep will affect what you require from a pillow.

First of all you need to make a choice as to whether you like to sleep on your back or on your side – where you’re going to be spending the majority of time and buy a pillow according to that.

Pillows for side sleepers

If you are someone who tends to prefer sleeping on their side then you need to find a pillow that lifts your head off the bed and fill earlobe to scapula (or earlobe to bed).

If you find that you are lying on your side and your pillow isn’t lifting your head off the bed then the weight of your head will drive through your shoulder as pressure throughout the night.

before after pillow positioning for shoulder pain

Maybe you’ve found that you’re not getting enough support from your pillow so instead you double up. Raising your pillow height too much will put undue strain on your neck and spine.

before and after shot of man on a pillow too large and one the correct size

Pillows for back sleepers

If you prefer to sleep on your back then the same pillow that was right for side sleeping will be too high. Instead, you need something thin just to support the curvature of your head without bringing your head too far up.

Pillow size

Having the correct pillow size is therefore crucial whether you’re a side or back sleeper.  Your body size also dictates the pillow size that’s right for you in – allowing the pillow to help take pressure off of other body parts.

The right pillow size can contribute to a restful and improved quality of sleep, by enabling you to find an optimal sleeping position.

We have developed small, medium, large and extra large pillows with an optimum foam formulation to consider posture, pressure and proprioception. Our pillows strive to fight your bad day time posture while you sleep.

Find your personalised pillow  based on the way you sleep or check out our helpful quick guide to matching your pillow to your sleeping position and body shape.

Illustration chart of different body sizes matching pillow sizes