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YouTuber Well With Hels reviews the optimum pillow for sleep posture

Be mindful of what you sleep on…

There’s nothing worse than waking up with aches and pains. It affects your performance during the day. Sleeping on surfaces that don’t offer enough support and pressure relief result in poor sleep posture –  the main reason for waking up tired or with pain.

It negatively impacts your musculoskeletal system, which will in turn affect all the other facets of your well being.Who better to understand the importance of posture than Helen of Well With Hels.

She offers mindful movement classes and healthy living vlogs that aim to address our daytime postures. She’s now keen to not undo all the good things she does for her spine during the day and start tackling her nighttime posture. 

Whilst sleep is talked about in the wellbeing space, it’s more around how to get and stay asleep, rather than sleep posture itself.

So, Helen hopped on a sleep consultation call with Levitex to learn how optimising her sleep posture could elevate some of her own neck and shoulder niggles.

Talking about her new optimised sleeping position Helen says

“It is a practice, you are training yourself to be in a posture that you might not necessarily naturally go in. I can feel that my spine is in a neutral position and it can fully relax and really get the benefits of your 6-8 hours of sleep.”

Well With Heels gives in depth, genuine reviews of the products she uses and how it impacts her own wellbeing.

We were so excited to see that Helen has put into practice what she’s learnt. She’s already noticing the benefits of having the correct pillow size and sleeping position and ultimately a neutral and happy spine.

Check out the full review below! Or click here to watch on YouTube.