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Sleep Knowledge

illustrations of side-sleeping and back-sleeping positions for couples

The Kama Sleeptra: are these positions the secret to a happy marriage?

The secret to a happy marriage is a ‘position’ that you and your partner may not have tried The position we sleep in is more important than how...

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Woman lying awake in bed

Do you struggle to sleep when travelling? Here’s the fix.

Sleep is a vital component in our lives and getting enough, good quality sleep is important to our overall well being and ability to function. Our inability to...

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tired woman suffering from back pain in bed

Comfort isn’t everything: what else do you need to sleep?

Are you someone who finds that they go to sleep in a comfortable position only to wake up struggling with aches and pains? It’s unfortunately a common story...

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tired woman suffering from back pain at the office

Your pain, mood and sleep are all connected

There is a direct linear relationship between pain, mood and sleep. If you wake up in the morning with pain it’s going to put you in a bad...

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senior men in a hospital bed

5 Healthcare Sleep Interventions To Help Patients

Sleep interventions include a wide range of approaches from environment to behavioural. They are often implemented by the patient’s carer and setting. Interventions for sleep are required to...

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girl sleeping while holding a teddy bear

What are sleep associations and how to overcome them

Do you find it difficult to get to sleep? Your mind is whirring away and sleep feels like a million miles away.We know that sleep is incredibly important...

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hand opening the zip of a mattress

Fibreglass: hidden mattress danger

Have you ever wondered what’s in your mattress? Maybe you’ve wondered why your eyes and throat are irritated? Well the two could be linked. Recently there’s been a...

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a woman lying in bed wide awake next to a man who is sleeping

How to stop being restless at night

Are you someone who finds that you wake up in a different position to the one you went to sleep in? Being fidgety or restless in your sleep...

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Pillows with warning sign

When not to use a pillow at all – and what to do instead

Who’d ever want to part with their comfy pillow right? Well if you sleep on your stomach then we’ve got some bad news – ditch the pillow, or...

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